Cathy Claycomb

Glass & Metal Artist

Cathy Claycomb is a Midwestern artist who lives and creates in Indianapolis, Indiana.  As a glass mixed media artist  and sometimes glass engineer, Cathy explores how to use and push the boundaries of one-of-a-kind materials in her art.  She strives to develop and evolve her techniques with the challenge of keeping it new, fresh and always unique.  Claycomb finds, creates or embellishes a beautiful piece of glass and then gives it a wonderful visual story using traditional and non-traditional ways.  In one of them she tells us a story of how the stick encased in metal was found in Alaska.  Claycomb’s tree branch story grew into her work of art.  Her pieces on exhibit at J. Petter Galleries draw much admiration for their unusual and organic shapes and colors.  Ranging from deep jewel tones to gleaming earthy hues, the combination of metals and glass used in her projects evoke a warm glow in the room.

NOTE: You can view Cathy Claycomb’s art and the artworks of over 70 other artists here at J. Petter Galleries.  See our Events page to find out if any of your favorite artists will be visiting us for an Artist’s Reception this season.