Tour J. Petter Galleries

Two floors of art plus a wine bar, wine shop and gourmet food shop…

This beautiful 3D virtual tour gives you a good idea of the caliber of art within our walls.  The displays are always changing and new artists are being added.  So, this is your sneak peak of the artful spaces at J. Petter Galleries.  If the video does not work properly for you see our tips near this page bottom.

Let us know if you loved your tour!

Speak to us.  We would love to hear what you thought.  You can leave a message for us on our facebook page.  Email is another way to tell us what you think of this art filled adventure.  Or, you can visit in person and see all of our wonderful art on the 3D tour up close.  That is…come on in and walk the gallery for REAL!

Tips for viewing the video

In order to properly view this video, you may have to update your browser to the  latest version.  We also found that if you are using Chrome – you need to ‘enable hardware acceleration’ in order to get it working properly.  Do this by opening up Chrome’s settings – click on the upper right corner’s three horizontal bars – scroll to the bottom – click on Show advanced settings – in the System section make sure that the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ checkbox is checked.  After you have checked the box, you will need to click on the Relaunch button for the browser.  Don’t worry – it closes the browser, but it re-opens back to where you started.  If you have any other problems with it, please let us know and we will help you troubleshoot.  Enjoy!