Betty Bea Washburn


Betty Bea Washburn is known for her incredibly beautiful watercolor paintings.  Washburn began painting professionally almost 4 decades ago.  She is today a retired teacher.  Betty Bea graduated from the College of Wooster with a BA in Art and Education .  She then obtained a Masters in Education from Western Michigan University.  Betty Bea followed that by teaching art in public schools for 33 years.  She now shares her watercolor experience with adult students.  And, she continues to paint professionally for her galleries.  Washburn paints with “energy that remains within the work long after the brush has been lifted from the paper.”  Betty draws her inspiration from the nature around her.  You will see sun dappled waters, forest and florals throughout her framed pieces.  She works out of her studio in the beautiful northern Michigan town of Bellaire.

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