Roger Blair

Egg Tempera Painter

Roger Blair began his art career by following in the footsteps of his father who was a technical artist and illustrator. He spent time working in the same fields as his father both in a commercial studio and in the military.  Then Roger opened his own studio. He worked full time painting, drawing, illustrating and creating signs.  He also framed pictures and finally settled on egg tempera as a life pursuit. His paintings depict the incredible textures and details that portray real rural life stories.  Big old barns, fields of hay and rolling hills of farmland are captured in the great detail that embodies egg tempera.  His style of painting is very reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth.  He currently lives in Michigan where he also writes songs, plays guitar, practices yoga and enjoys fly fishing.

NOTE: You can view Roger Blair’s art and the artworks of many more artists here at J. Petter Galleries.  See our Events page to find out if Roger (and his guitar) or any of your favorite artists will be visiting us for an Artist’s Reception this season.