Harry Borgman

Painter, Illustrator and Sculptor

Harry Borgman is an artist who has had a long career in the advertising art world.  He utilizes many mediums.  Those mediums include painting, computer generated graphics and sculpture.  He has taught art and is the author of a number of books on art techniques.  Borgman has lived and worked in Detroit, New York, Paris and now Sawyer, Michigan.

Borgman loves to experiment with new techniques, such as creating sketches on the computer for the basis of his abstract figures.  Harry’s expertise in composition and proportion of the shapes in his artwork is well apparent to the trained eye.  His use of rich, yet natural hues is shown in all of his mediums.  It can be seen especially in his use of polished wood in his sculpture pieces.  And those colors along with the abstract shapes make his nude paintings intriguing and thoughtfully approachable.

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