Sarah Kaiser

Oils, Multimedia, Etchings

Sarah Kaiser has been painting and drawing as long as she can remember.  As an only child, making art was her way of filling time since she had no siblings with which to play.  She invented imaginary worlds filled with birds, characters and stories.  Her Grandmother taught her a great deal about birds when they would go on long walks and identify them together.  When she passed away in 2014, Sarah acquired her bird book collection and continued to inspire people to find them in nature.  In a class she teaches at the Evanston Art Center called Birds and Botanicals, she takes her students on bird outings to discover them.  Birds represent freedom and escape for her while she is fascinated with their beauty and mannerisms.

Travelling is something Kaiser loves and enjoys with her husband who is a Portuguese physics professor at Northwestern University. They visit Europe often and she is learning Portuguese.  In 1998 she lived in Chile and became fluent in Spanish.

As the only child of a single mom Sarah spent a great deal of time alone. Making art always filled the void, and consequently, she developed a deep inner sense of being. Her family moved often, and she attended many different schools. She identifies with birds because of their migration patterns. Throughout the transitions, she turned to art as a way to vent her frustrations and fears.  Now that Kaiser has a career in art and a family, she turns to art—as she did as a child, to help escape to a quiet contemplative space.

Kaiser holds a MFA from the University of Chicago and teaches at the Evanston Art Center, Harold Washington College and the Lillstreet Art Center near Chicago, IL.  Her work is exhibited throughout the US.

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