Kathleen Chaney-Fritz

Oil Painter

If you enjoy the many splendors of Michigan, then you delight in the work of Kathleen Chaney Fritz.  A Grand Rapids, Michigan artist, Kathleen captures the essence of Michigan outdoors. But as an artist, she accomplishes much beyond that.   Her paintings remind us of family summer vacations and weekends at the shore. She brings us Michigan at its very best.  

Kathleen is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design who worked for many years as a freelance Illustrator.  Illustration honed her skills and led to an award winning poster, a water color for the Charlevoix waterfront. This poster launched Kathleen into the limelight and allowed her to focus on fine art and the beauty of her home state.  

Many of Kathleen’s scenes are familiar, a place you have visited or a favorite vacation spot.  They are representational works, but she has a unique way of making each place timeless, romantic, and peaceful.

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