Michael Maitner

Oil Painter

Michael Maitner was born in Grand Rapids, MI in 1942 and still resides and paints there today. He is a self-taught artist.  He is influenced by a style of painting known as regionalism – an American realist modern art movement from the 1920’s to 1950’s .  His whimisical and lilting landscapes are inspired by rural scenes full of rolling farmlands and farm houses seen all around Michigan.  The delightful charming style of a Maitner painting is instantly recognizable.

“I have been influenced by a group of artists in the 30’s known as regionalists. My landscapes are based on landforms, farm buildings and billowy cloud formations so prevalent in Michigan.”  –  Michael Maitner

Michael is one of the original Joyce Petter Gallery artists!  Visit J. Petter Galleries to see Maitner’s original oil paintings and the work of many more fine artists.  See our events page to find out when Michael Maitner or other artists are at the gallery for an opening this season.