Matthew Swanson

Acrylic and Gouache Painter

Matthew Swanson is a Holland, Michigan painter who works primarily in acrylic and gouache.  He has been known to dabble creatively in other materials as well.  He works for us here at J. Petter Galleries.  You might find him in the wine bar learning more about fine wines every day.  He also put his artistic touch on our bar area in the Art Barn.  Or, Matt can also be found framing and hanging art in the art gallery.  When he is not painting or working at the gallery, he is nurturing a raised bed vegetable garden that created for his wife Cindy.  There will be more on this page about Matt as soon as he gets around to writing more in his bio!

In the meantime, you can view Matthew Swanson’s art and the artworks of over 60 other artists by visiting the J. Petter Galleries.  See our Events page to find out if any of your favorite artists will be visiting us for an Artist’s Reception this season.