Cyrus Miller

Concrete & Metal Sculptor

Cyrus Miller is a self educated sculptor and three-dimensional designer working
in a diverse range of media and disciplines for over twenty five years.
Because of his work designing and developing interactive exhibits and informal
learning environments he has become deeply interested in how people learn and
how they interact with objects as well as how people interact with each other in
the process. These experiences have effected Cyrus’ understanding of how people
interpret and intact with art.Most recently Cyrus has been working with concrete
and steel reinforcing rod employing a number of casting and carving techniques.
Cyrus’ current work has been influenced by his attraction to the ruins of the man
made and industrial environment; buildings of concrete and steel, aging steel
structures, images of power and permanence fallen into ruins and now being re-
claimed by natural forces

Cyrus Miller’s sculptures and the works of many more fine artists are on exhibit at the J. Petter Galleries.  Please visit our Events page to see our seasonal calendar of artists’ Meet and Greets and Art Openings are happening this year.