Norma Penchansky Glasser

Bronze and Sketch

Sculptor Norma Penchansky Glasser uses the lost wax process for her bronze sculptures. Once the clay sculpture is completed, she takes it to the foundry, where a rubber mold is made on the clay. The rubber mold, supported by a plaster outer form, is removed from the clay and then filled with wax; the mold is removed, leaving a wax positive. A ceramic shell mold is made on the wax. Once the ceramic shell mold has hardened, the wax is melted out of it and molten bronze is poured into it, hence the ‘lost wax’ process. After the bronze cools and hardens, the ceramic mold is broken away from the bronze, and the figure is removed, finished, and a patina is applied. Ms. Penchansky-Glasser is involved in every step, working the wax positive, burnishing the patina, designing and selecting the materials for the base on which the figure will stand. Except for commissions, which are created as unique objects, the rubber mold will be used to provide an edition of seven pieces, after which the mold is broken and discarded.

A dancer herself, Norma is able to capture subtle variations in position and movement that the figure in dance finds.  She captures the stress, strain and relaxation in her sculpture and pencil drawings.  This Ann Arbor, Michigan artist hand patinas and individually mounts each piece and never produces more than seven editions.  Her graphite pencil drawings are all about the succession of body positions in movement.  She creates her original drawings in a variety of sizes.  No prints are created of her drawings.

You can see Norma Penchansky Glasser’s bronze sculptures and graphite pencil drawings at J. Petter Galleries all year long.  Be sure to see our events page to find out when Norma or many of our other artists will be at The Galleries in person for a showing.