Julie Quinn

Mixed Media Oil Painter

Julie Quinn creates oil paintings using her very own techniques which have been described as abstract meditations.  Influenced by spending her childhood in Japan, her art is a personal spiritual journey and speaks in her very own artistic language.  Her work, which intends to portray a visual prayer, can be found in numerous public and private collections.

These works are personal expressions of my spiritual journey…visual prayers…poetic expressions of unseen places, where the divine meets human, heaven meets earth, spirit meets spirit, and the invisible is made visible…a yearning for heavenly language, a grasping for the divine, a searching for purpose and meaning, for connectedness, for intimacy…a longing to inspire hope, faith, healing, and transformation…and an invitation to come alongside the journey… Let your heart and spirit go where perhaps you’ve not gone before…where the unseen is calling, the invisible is made known… ~ Julie Quinn, 2011

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