Craig Mitchell Smith

Glass Sculpture & Garden Botanicals

Craig Mitchell Smith creates works of nature…in glass. His huge dandelion gone to seed sparkles in the sculpture garden.  A graceful grapevine arbor bows overhead in the sculpture wing. Bouquets of bright poppies, a field of sunflowers and other natural beauties can be found in the gated garden.  You will find poppy wallflowers throughout the main gallery along with Craig’s magnificent chandeliers.  Smith’s stunning glass sculptures are created using kiln-formed glass. His background as a painter allowed him to develop his glass-making techniques. It emulates brush strokes, which he describes as “painting with glass.”

Smith, of Lansing, Michigan, has been creating kiln-formed glass art since 2006. His artwork has been featured in gallery shows and displayed throughout the country.  His shows included: Cooley Gardens & Michigan State University – Lansing, Michigan, Epcot Center at Disney World, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Lauritzen Botanical in Omaha, Nebraska and many more.

NOTE: You can view Craig Mitchell Smith’s art and the artworks of over 60 other artists here at J. Petter Galleries.  See our Events page to find out if any of your favorite artists will be visiting us for an Artist’s Reception this season.