Artist Submissions

How To Submit Your Art For Gallery Consideration

J. Petter Galleries appreciates artist submissions.  Thank you for your interest in us!  For gallery consideration, artists may email the following to:

  • Artist Name
  • Address
  • Phone/Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Medium
  • Artist Statement
  • Biography or Resume
  • 6 to 10 images with medium and size information of available recent and work in jpg, png or pdf form
  • Link (if available) to your online portfolio or website
  • List all galleries and art shows where you currently show your work

PLEASE NOTE: We attempt to respond to all requests quickly.  An ‘Email Received’ response is sent to you.  We view all work sent to us.  If your art is something we can add at this time, we will contact you.  If we send no further contact, then we did not find a fit for your art at the gallery at this time.  Your submission is then placed into our files for consideration for the following season, if we have open space.

*If you do not email the images and list of 6 to 10 images of work available to the gallery, your correspondence and submission are disregarded.  A link to your website is great, but if we cannot see exactly what artwork is available to show in the gallery today, your submission is not considered.

*Do not ship or mail examples of your art unless we specifically request it.  We do not return art shipped to us.

*Do not bring examples of your art or portfolio book to the gallery unless specifically requested by appointment.  We do not look at unsolicited artwork.