Paul Van Heest

Graphite and Color Pencil

Paul Van Heest uses graphite and color pencil to create glimpses into a beautifully quirky world.  Playing on obscure and amusing phobias, stories and concepts, he ‘draws’ you into his imaginary tales.  Van Heest has been a middle school teacher for almost 30 years.  His art is an outlet for his unique and ironic sense of humor.  One of his pieces, Hydrophobic Otter, depicts an otter who has a fear of water.  In the work, the funny mammal is clinging tightly to objects that are being balanced and propped up by a myriad of animal friends over a bathtub.  There are a couple of helpful mallards holding a newspaper over the otter’s furry head to keep the rain from dropping on it.  Ah, the irony of the hippo working so diligently to keep everyone above water while the sneaky seagull keeps pumping in the water.  There is so much more to see in the artwork.  Paul Van Heests work is on now on display in both the upper and lower galleries.

Keep an eye on JPG’s calendar of events for the second Saturdays openings this summer.  You may have a chance to meet Paul Van Heest and many more of our artists on display here at J. Petter Galleries.