Virginijus Viningas


Virginijus Viningas is a Lithuanian painter of large scale acrylics on canvas.  He studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the oldest and largest arts school in the Baltic states.  He currently lives and works in the picturesque Baltic seaside town of Klaipeda, Lithuania.  Virginijus creates large scale paintings of singularly focused subjects.

Viningas’s painting is an aggregate of brush strokes and touches that makes one feel like touching the canvas.  The layers of color seem to be floating, detached from the surface.  The brushstrokes’ measure changes.  They change based on intensity of color, brush width and movement of the wrist and arm.  The result is an explosive cloud of color splashes on the canvas.  Some colors freeze in place, while some resist the canvas texture and gravity pulls them dripping down.  The very presence of ‘leaks’ are the essence and proof of the movement within Virginijus’s work.  His bright, rich colors are – on purpose – sharp and intrusive.  The screaming colors are akin to those you might see on show-bills.  This is to make the viewer look, realize and remember the singular ‘event’.   That one event may be a boxer, a chair, a musician.  In fact, music and his love of jazz portrays largely in many of his paintings. As in jazz, his paint moves in many directions, at a variety of speeds shown to us by the strokes and the brightness of color.  And, within all the velocity, intensity and gravity lies the singular focus in his paintings.

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