Bonnie Wood

Acrylic Figurative Painter


Bonnie Wood is a figurative painter with an irreverent take on mid-life folks interacting with one another. The people that move through her paintings began as the faceless, somewhat androgynous figures that once filled her interior architectural renderings, providing scale and their good feelings about inhabiting the space.

She has worked in various design disciplines over the years including interiors, gardens and the renovation of old houses. Bonnie began painting with acrylics in 1991, revisiting these gesture figures and placing them in combination with simple patterns and an earthy palette as decoration for furniture, boxes, bowls and other found wooden objects. A footstool was purchased by Detroit newspaper critic Marsha Miro, who described her work as mixing “a folk art eccentricity with modern proportions to make wonderfully decorative things.”

Since 1994, working on paper or canvas, a more evolved figure is often back in an architectural environment. Bonnie works without visual reference and allows these figures grow into distinct personalities until they create a narrative …that only the viewer constructs.
“The people that move through my work began as faceless, somewhat androgynous figures that filled my art school architectural renderings, providing scale, certainly, but more significantly, through exaggerated gesture, their good feelings about inhabiting the space. I use no visual references whatsoever. I paint intuitively and let these figures grow and evolve into distinct personalities, interacting with one another in decadent abandon, possibly postulating some vague social commentary.” – Bonnie Wood

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