Kim Zahnow


Kim is a local Douglas, Michigan photographer, wonderful mother, and bubbly, enthusiastic encaustic artist.

Encaustics: She creates these depth-filled works of art by blending beeswax resin shellac with pigments which then eventually come to life under her torch.  Kim asks you to consider that it takes two million unseen flowers for a bee to produce enough wax to complete just one of her encaustic creations.  Each painting is truly a gift from nature.

“I have a lifelong fascination with the science, patterns, organic details and textures of nature.  I invite you to explore my work and connect with the abundant beauty that surrounds us.”  –  Kim Zahnow

Lumachrome Photography:  As a fine art photographer, Kim spends her days and nights photographing our beloved lakeshore.  These limited edition nature photographs are printed on a quality lumachrome HD paper and then face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic glass.  Due to the high definition and this unique printing process, these photos can be produced on a very large scale and are UV ray protected with either a contemporary high gloss or matte finish.  Only 5 prints of ANY size will be produced of any one image.

The almost shocking clarity and intensity is due to tiny iridium particles that are encapsulated and suspended in a layer between the white poly surface and optically clear glass.  The light that is reflected off the print is visually trapped within the acrylic glass.  When properly lit, it appears to be illuminated or back-lit.  As the quality and direction of light in your space changes, the luminescence of the art will change as well.